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Student No-Shows

Participation in on-campus employment interviews and mock interviews is a special privilege provided to Illinois State University students, and an honor granted by employers. So when a student accepts or signs-up for an interview there is a high professional expectation that one hold to the scheduled interview obligations for both the reputation of the student and the University.


If a candidate must cancel a scheduled interview, it is the candidate's responsibility to notify the employer directly and the Career Center at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled interview. On-campus interviews scheduled within 24 hours of a career fair must be cancelled at least 8 hours prior to the interview. Candidates who cancel an interview any later and/or fail to keep the interview appointment without canceling will be recorded as a "no-show" and will have their Hire-A-Redbird account deactivated, which includes any published resumes being withdrawn from resume books.


To be reinstated, the candidate must make an appointment with the Career Center within two business days of the missed interview, or any remaining scheduled interviews will be canceled. A professional letter of explanation and apology explaining the circumstances that caused the absence is to be written to the employer and provided to Career Center recruiting manager along with a stamped business-size envelope (not addressed). The Career Center will then mail the letter to the employer.

The Career Center will then decide if the candidate may continue using the Career Center's services, and reinstate the candidate's interviewing privileges and Hire-A-Redbird account if approved. The candidate will be responsible for re-publishing those resumes into resume books.

Sample Letter of Apology

If you miss an interview, here is a sample letter of apology that can be customized to your situation. However, students are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from their career advisor if help is needed with writing this letter. Be sure to review the rest of this page for additional policies/requirements for missed interviews.


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