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Who is my advisor?

Major Advisor
Accountancy (BS/MPA) - Accountancy & Information Systems Mark  Fauble
Accountancy (BS/MPA) - Professional Accountancy Mark  Fauble
Accounting - Accounting Information Systems Mark  Fauble
Accounting - Business Information Systems Mark  Fauble
Accounting - Career Specialty Mark  Fauble
Accounting - Financial Accounting Mark  Fauble
Actuarial Science Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Agriculture - Agribusiness Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Agriculture Communications and Leadership Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Agriculture Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Agriculture - Agronomy Management Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Animal Industry Management Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Animal Science Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Crop and Soil Science Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Food Industry Management Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Horticulture and Landscape Management Megan Kayfish
Agriculture - Pre-Veterinary Medicine Megan Kayfish
Anthropology Laurenn York
Art Mark  Fauble
Art - Graphic Design Mark  Fauble
Art History Mark  Fauble
Art Studio Arts Mark  Fauble
Art Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Arts Technology Mark  Fauble
Athletic Training Megan Kayfish
Bachelor of Fine Arts Mark  Fauble
Biochemistry Megan Kayfish
Biology - Conservation Biology Megan Kayfish
Biology - General Megan Kayfish
Biology - Molecular and Cellular Biology Megan Kayfish
Biology - Physiology, Neuroscience, and Behavior Megan Kayfish
Biology - Plant Biology Megan Kayfish
Biology - Zoology Megan Kayfish
Biology Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Business Administration Mark  Fauble
Business Information Systems Mark  Fauble
Business Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Chemistry Megan Kayfish
Chemistry Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Communication Sciences and Disorders Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Communication Studies Interpersonal Mark  Fauble
Communication Studies Organizational and Leadership Communication Mark  Fauble
Communication Studies Political Communication Mark  Fauble
Communication Studies Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Community Health Education Megan Kayfish
Computer Science - General Computer Science Megan Kayfish
Computer Systems Technology Megan Kayfish
Construction Management Megan Kayfish
Criminal Justice Sciences Megan Kayfish
Dance Performance Mark  Fauble
Dance Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Early Childhood Education Renee Carrigan
Earth and Space Science Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Economics - General Economics Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Economics - Managerial Economics Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Educational Administration and Foundation- P-12 Educational Administration- Masters Degree Renee Carrigan
Educational Administration and Foundations- College Student Personnel Administration- Masters Degree Renee Carrigan
Elementary Education Renee Carrigan
Elementary Education - Bilingual/Bicultural Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Engineering Technology Megan Kayfish
English Laurenn York
English - Publishing Studies Laurenn York
English Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Environmental Health Megan Kayfish
Exercise Science Megan Kayfish
Fashion Design and Merchandising Megan Kayfish
Family & Consumer Sciences Megan Kayfish
Finance - General Finance Mark  Fauble
Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics Megan Kayfish
French Laurenn York
French Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Geography Laurenn York
Geography Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Geology Laurenn York
German Laurenn York
German Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Graphic Communication Megan Kayfish
Health Information Management Megan Kayfish
Health Information Management - Registered Health Information Technician-HIM Megan Kayfish
History Renee Carrigan
History-Social Sciences Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Human Development & Family Science Megan Kayfish
Hyrogeology- Masters Degree Laurenn York
Information Systems - Information Assurance and Security Megan Kayfish
Information Systems - Integration of Enterprise Systems Megan Kayfish
Information Systems - Systems Development/Analyst Megan Kayfish
Information Systems - Web Application Development Megan Kayfish
Insurance - Business Information Systems Mark  Fauble
Insurance - General Insurance Mark  Fauble
Interdisciplinary Studies - Individualized Sequence Laurenn York
Interdisciplinary Studies - Human and Educational Services Sequence Renee Carrigan
Interior Design Megan Kayfish
International Business Mark  Fauble
Journalism Mark  Fauble
Legal Studies Laurenn York
Management - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Mark  Fauble
Management - Human Resource Management Mark  Fauble
Management - Organizational Leadership Mark  Fauble
Marketing Mark  Fauble
Marketing - Advanced Marketing Analytics Mark  Fauble
Marketing - Integrated Marketing Communication Mark  Fauble
Marketing - Professional Sales Mark  Fauble
Mass Media - Interactive Media Mark  Fauble
Mass Media - Media Management, Promotion, and Sales Mark  Fauble
Mass Media - Radio Mark  Fauble
Mass Media - Television Production Mark  Fauble
Mathematics Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Mathematics - Statistics Renee Carrigan
Mathematics Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Medical Laboratory Science Megan Kayfish
Middle Level Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Music - Band and Orchestra Instruments Performance Mark  Fauble
Music - Classical Guitar Performance Mark  Fauble
Music - Composition Mark  Fauble
Music - Keyboard Performance Mark  Fauble
Music - Liberal Arts Mark  Fauble
Music - Voice Performance Mark  Fauble
Music Business Mark  Fauble
Music Education - Choral - General - Keyboard Renee Carrigan
Music Education - Choral - General - Vocal Renee Carrigan
Music Education - Instrumental - Band Renee Carrigan
Music Education - Instrumental - Orchestral Renee Carrigan
Music Therapy Mark  Fauble
Network and Telecommunications Management Megan Kayfish
Nursing (BSN) - Accelerated Megan Kayfish
Nursing (BSN) - Traditional Megan Kayfish
Nursing- Clinical Nurse Leader- Masters Degree Megan Kayfish
Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner- Masters Degree Megan Kayfish
Nursing- Nursing Systems Administration- Masters Degree Megan Kayfish
Nursing (RN - BSN) Megan Kayfish
Philosophy Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Physical Education Teacher Education K-12 Renee Carrigan
Physics Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Physics - Computer Physics Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Physics - Engineering Physics Debbie Ungson-Walbert
Physics Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Political Science Laurenn York
Psychology Renee Carrigan
Public Relations Mark  Fauble
Recreation & Park Administration - Recreation Management Megan Kayfish
Recreation & Park Administration - Therapeutic Recreation Megan Kayfish
Renewable Energy Megan Kayfish
Safety Megan Kayfish
School Health Education Renee Carrigan
Social Work Renee Carrigan
Sociology Laurenn York
Spanish Laurenn York
Spanish Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Special Education - Specialist in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Renee Carrigan
Special Education - Specialist in Learning & Behavior Renee Carrigan
Special Education - Specialist in Low Vision and Blindness Renee Carrigan
Technology and Engineering Education Renee Carrigan
Technology- Project Management- Masters Degree Megan Kayfish
Theatre - Acting Mark  Fauble
Theatre - Design/Production Mark  Fauble
Theatre Studies Mark  Fauble
Theatre Teacher Education Renee Carrigan
Undeclared Laurenn York
University Studies Laurenn York
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